Zing Hospitality prides itself in preparing all menus with locally sourced food produce using quality suppliers for quality ingredients. Our menus are to be used for inspiration for you our clients when planning any menu for your event. We are happy to provide taster sessions for those clients who wish to ensure our interpretation of a dish matches your aspirations of taste, quality and presentation.


We also understand the issues that can arise in selecting a generic menu for many different guests some of whom may have specific dietary requirements such as vegetarian or vegan or those with diet requirements from religious beliefs.  We will in planning your menu with you attempt to fulfil these needs, however to make it easier for you those guest can contact us directly diets@zing.wales and we can ensure they are catered for on the day – Don’t leave it to CHANCE leave it to us.       


Zing Hospitality Food Allergy Policy


Zing Hospitality is committed to reducing the risk to staff, and customers with regard to the provision of food and the consumption of allergens in food which could lead to an allergic reaction.


The following foods are recognised as potentially harmful allergens to some:



The company will monitors five key factors towards the successful management of 14 categorised allergens:

1. Supplier product information:

 Working closely with suppliers to enable up to date and clear labelling of all products that may contain potentially harmful allergens. Any new products supplied are routinely checked for allergen information.

2. Good kitchen and service practices

 Working closely with the local EHO to ensure all current legislation is being adhered to.

3. Managing cross contamination :

4. Effective training :

5. Good communication

Staff are trained to escalate any concerns a customer may have regarding food intolerance to a line manager if they are unsure of product content.